Jun 25 2013

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7 Simple Tips To Grow Your Social Network

I found this great article about how important it is today to connect to your customers and boost your companies influence via social media. Here is a snippet of the entire column.

A strong network is important in today’s connected world. Having the right connections gives you credibility and allows you to interact with peers, customers as well as potential employees. Today it is hard to imagine that companies would offer you a job without checking your LinkedIn profile. Your standing in your industry is increasingly determined by your profile and network on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube.

Admittedly, I have been quite late to the game of social media; however, what I have done seems to be working well for me and I am enjoying an ever-expanding and effective network. In the beginning I simply started posting, connecting, inviting and sharing, and today I grow my network by about 300 connections each day. To date, my network has generated many new business opportunities and helped me to connect with likeminded people.

Find the rest here: Social Media Today



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